Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some images from the new bakery fit-out

The new floor; slip resistant abrasive quarry tile. Very strong. That section to the right of the picture is where the new walk-in refrigerator went in. The oven will be facing the camera way back along the far back wall.

The reconditioned bagel former from Empire Baking Machines.

The 1,000 pound Rondo/VMI dough mixer; can mix about 140 pounds of dough at once. We had to enlist the help of the forklift operator at Woodland Building Supply to get in the front door...too heavy to lift.

Misselaneous pieces for the oven; I'm hoping the pro oven installer knows what to do with all this stuff.

The steel base (back right) and two large pices of the oven core. All the grill-like images are pipes that move the hot water throughout the oven; the state of the art Vapor Tube technology.

More pieces of the oven core and stack work. Those bags in the back are insulation that will be stuffed tightly inside the oven to maintain it's amazing efficiency. These natural gas ovens are so efficient, many bakers don't even turn off their ovens; they just leave them on when not using them.

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