Monday, October 13, 2008

The making of a wedding challah

I got my first order for a festive wedding challah and we had a blast baking it. Here is a picture of the happy couple (Zoe and Ken) on their wedding day yesterday, just before saying the blessing over the challah.

This loaf is 3 challah, stacked on top of each other. The tricky part is stacking them in such a way that the top braids don't fall off; and of course, we don't want the whole thing to topple over in the oven during the oven spring.

It worked. Just after they came out of the oven with the proud bakers:

We baked two of them. One we are dehydrating. After it's dried out, we are going to shellac it (to seal out moisture) and use it as a decorative display piece for the cafe. Come by the bakery at 4423 Chestnut and take a look. I will update this posting with a picture of it displayed at Kaffa Crossing when it's up.

This challah was just as delicious as all the Four Worlds Bakery challah. Here is the proof:

This was not staged. I just happened to found him all by himself communing with this challah. And I just happened to have a camera in my pocket. Really! I promise!!

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William Itzen said...

THe wedding challah looks beautiful!!!

Carrie it looks like Michael is making you into quite the baker!
We can't wait to come visit you and taste all the yummy breads!