Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some notable comments about the City Paper Article

City Paper published an article about my baking journey last week; and there has been some interesting comments posted on the City Paper web page, in additional to comments emailed to me:

There are two things the article glosses over. First, Michael's breads are exceptional, the product of the high level of skill and consciousness he brings to the process. Second, what is just as unique is the relation he establishes with his customers. Prior to Kaffa Crossing, all his bread was pre-ordered, and distributed to sites across the Delaware Valley. He has very openly documented his struggles and joys in getting his business going. He has garnered the loyalty of "friends" who buy his product (it costs a little more) and strongly support his efforts. His approach is a good model for any artisan who wants to engage in righteous work. -Horsham customer.

Thank you for this wonderful article about our challahman! Michael was baking his bread out of our house ( the "collective" off of baltimore ave) for two years, and although the smell of hot onion bagels sometimes woke me at 6 am, it was wonderful having Michael's baking energy in the house. I loved watching him juggle pans on the kitchen counter every Friday morning, totally absorbed, with a grin on his face. He's not working in the house anymore, but we still have the delicious fruits of his labors... oy, the babka! --One of my 5 housemates in W. Philly

I just had just found out about Michael's breads a few weeks ago. I see exactly why they call him "Challaman" (The Challa is unreal!!) His story is very inspiring, and should be a wake up call to all. You should be happy in life. -Brett from ?

I knew him when... he was still practicing law in a holistic way. Michael was a great help to me professionally and spiritually. I recall fondly his excitement at his discovery of his love for baking and times we spent talking about his dreams of baking truly extraordinary artisan breads. It brings much joy to watch my young friend take flight. I have also been to see him at Kaffa Crossing. The food there is wonderful and Michael's baked goods are out of these Four Worlds! His croissants are nothing short of amazing. Try some, you'll like them! --C.T. in Jenkintown

Wonderfully well written article about a truly outstanding person. Being Michael's father is not making be biased. We love his baked goods and our only sorrow is that we are in Texas and you have him in Philadelphia. So soon we have to come to Philly to break this great bread with our son.Thanks for your wonderful article. -My parents from Georgetown Texas.

Thank you for the comments. Feel free to leave additional comments here on the blog.

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