Saturday, March 10, 2007

Matzah, Matzah, Matzah!!

(Note: This is an old post from Spring of 2007; I am planning another matzah bake for Spring 2008, before Passover starts).

Update If you have signed up for a matzah bake shift, check the schedule below and make sure you are on it for the right shift. You will want to bring a clean apron (if you want one), some sort of hat or head covering, comfortable shoes, and a long sleeved shirt if you want to operate the oven. Also, bring a container with drinking water or other beverage for yourself. You get 2 pounds of Matzah for working a shift, but please order any additional Matzah you want to purchase in advance.

Directions: We will bake at 4834 Walton Ave. in West Philly. From I-76: University Ave Exit. University to Balimore; left on Baltimore Ave. Balimore Ave to 49th St. Right on 49th Street; one block then right on Walton. From Lancaster Ave; head East on 48th Street; 48th to Balimore; then follow directions above.

Here are all the details for the Four Worlds Bakery great matzah bake. This is real matzah, probably much closer to the stuff they ate in biblical times; and almost unrecognizable from the stuff you might buy in a supermarket labeled "matzah." After you try Four Worlds Bakery matzah, you will likely wonder what exactly the supermarket stuff is. So we will baking 100 percent organic whole grain matzah: whole wheat, spelt, and rye.

Ordering Instructions are included in the Four Worlds Bakery weekly email. To get a copy, email All orders must be in by March 21 at midnight.

Sign up for matzah baking. I have limited space available to come and help with the Matzah bake. We will bake all day on Sunday March 25, in two-hour shifts from 8am to 6pm. So you can sign up for one or more of the following shifts:

  1. 8am - 10am
  2. Update: This Shift Now Full
    William M
    Debbie F
    Judy M
    Monica F
    Patti V
  3. 10am - 12noon
  4. Update: This Shift Now Full
    William M
    Barb P
    Erica J
    Elyse J
    Gayle L
  5. 12 - 2pm
  6. Update: This Shift Now Full
    Joe S
    Jennifer K.
    Deborah Z.
    Asher A
    Robert P.

    Additional shifts will open if needed to fill orders. Check back March 21.

For planning purposes I have to know in advance (by march 21) you are coming. Sign up soon, as once a shift is full, I will close it. Update: I might open additional shifts in the afternoon if needed to fill orders. It's fun to bake Matzah and time goes fast, but I want to be clear that it's fast paced and intense work; and I hope to give everyone an opportunity to do all of the various parts of the process. I expect you to be on time and ready to work. You will get 2 pounds of matzah for each shift you work. To sign up, send an email to by March 21.

How we will make the Matzah. The matzah will be made in teams strictly following the 18 minute rule to avoid any fermentation: the dough must be in the oven within 18 minutes of mixing the water with the flour. After each 18 minute round, we will thouroughly clean the surfaces, bowls, rolling pins, and instruments; then start over again. Most of the labor is in the mixing and rolling out the dough, which must be done quickly.

This matzah has no official certification of koshrut. All the flour will be milled here at the bakery in advance of the bake; and the flour does not have kosher for passover certification; but all grains will be certified organic. But we will strictly follow the rules on making matzah, to the extent possible. We will be using tap water for the water ingredient. Feel free to email with questions.

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